We’re often surprised how prospective clients are quoted to build and host their website. At S A Web Solutions this isn`t a grey area as everything is clearly costed here for you to see exactly what your costs are without any hidden extras. At S A Web Solutions we charge a flate fee of £20 per month which covers hosting, maintemance, security and updates. Yellow Pages in 2020 are at £45 per month for the same service.

How do businesses set budgets for websites and digital marketing?
Approaches vary from sector to sector but at least 5% of revenue is normally spent on marketing. A portion of this is spent on the actual design and build of the website in the first instance but once you`re online it`s time to work out how you can get the best out of your new website.

The best money you will spend time at the beginning for discovery, strategy and planning. These are the days that will enable an experienced pro to generate a return for you.

What if my website project is more complex than others?
That’s great because Google loves feature-rich and content-rich websites, and so do your customers.

The fast hosting is worth paying for as speed and reliability are ranking factors in Google. Google can tell which website is hosted on a high-end server and which is not.

So the best value quote is rarely the one with the lowest price, but the one with the best chance of generating great visibility and will give your customers the right message, leads and sales for you.

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